Back to the Egyptian pyramid Soon

Back to the Egyptian Pyramid Soon

Luke realized straight away why these words had been written on the wall of the burial chamber. ‘It was meant to frighten off grave robbers,’ he explained to the others. ‘But it doesn’t seem to have worked. They’ve stolen everything from the burial chamber except the sarcophagus.’

Luke realized straight away why these words had been written on the wall of the burial chamber.'It was meant to frighten off grave robbers

Patrick looked thoughtful. ‘Listen, I may not be the world’s bravest person and I’ve never been so scared as I was back there but I can tell you one thing for certain: this has absolutely nothing to do with dead pharaohs.

I’ll bet you anything there’s some funny business going on.

‘ Lizzie and Luke looked puzzled. ‘What do you mean?’

Patrick screwed his courage. Supposing we went back into the pyramid tonight and had a proper look round the burial chamber? Maybe that’ll solve the mystery once and for all.’

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Lizzie and Luke hesitated for a while, but eventually they agreed. ‘Let’s do it!’

Over dinner, they met the only woman in the team of archaeologists. ‘Hello, my name’s Amanda Robertson,’ she grinned. ‘My friends call me Elephant Woman because I’ve got a long nose. It doesn’t worry me – Cleopatra had a big nose too. She also had very small feet, just like me.’

‘Yes, I see what you mean about your feet,’ Lizzie said. ‘They’re about the same size as mine.’

‘So, what do you think about all this mummy business?’ Lizzie asked.

Amanda shrugged. ‘I’ve been working c pyramids for a long, long time, and they still give me the creeps. Maybe we should be leaving the treasures of the ancient Egyptians in peace.’


It was after midnight when Luke was awoken by the bleeping of his handheld computer. He shook his friends awake, and soon afterwards the three of them were creeping out of the tent.

It was quite a cold night and they couldn’t help shivering. The camp was silent. Everyone seemed to be fast asleep.

The Tigers’ first task was to shift all the planks that Professor Carter had used to board entrance to the pyramid. Then they wrapped up the damp handkerchiefs round their faces to protect them against whatever it was in the air, and slipped quietly into the dark passageway.

With great care, the trio climbed up the long. steep staircase, shining their torches on to the walls as they went. Eventually they came to the room containing the mummified animals. This time they had a chance to have a proper look round.

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‘I’ve found something!’ Luke cried suddenly. ‘Something very suspicious!’

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